When choosing a headset, you must be more specific about your preferences than with the monitor monitors. And that is because not only the sound must match us, the studio headphones must also be comfortable and fit our head. Also focus on the more and test out a few models, because there is nothing worse than ear pain after 30 minutes of work. Not many times, the handset is designed for specific applications. The ideal solution would be to have several couples, but the budget usually limits us. In this set you will find the earphones that perform best during music production.


Well designed closed headphones. They will work well both during recording and mixing. Quality workmanship is on a good level. Although some complain that they are uncomfortable, especially people with a larger head. They offer very neutral and smooth sound with a well balanced bass, which is a rarity in this class of headphones. Thanks to their design they are very good isolating from the environment.

Beyerdynamic DT 770/990 PRO

One of the most popular headphones on the market, they can be found in many studios around the world. I put them together at one point, because many people choose their own based on these two models. Although they differ in structure (770 – closed, 990 – open), they are similar class phones. Because of the difference in construction, these models have a different sound and purpose. DT 770 is used for registration and DT 990 for mix. The first have a more muted and sub-blackened tone. The second one is characterized by a more selective and clear sound. You can not say clearly which model is better, both have their followers and opponents. However, it is certain that these are very good earphones, standard studio around the world.

Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO

They are characterized by a characteristic type of construction known as semi-open. This is something between an open and a closed structure. Headphones delight in their comfort, the cushions are large enough and soft, and the tension force of the headband is well matched. As for the sound, I immediately noticed the separation of sounds. It is safe to say that the 880 introduces a different musical dimension. Stereo image and depth is high. However, some problems we encounter when we focus on the bass. It does not always sound dynamic enough. That is why electronic music makers may be dissatisfied with these handsets. In any other case they are worth the sin.

Focal Spirit Professional

Headphones that have been pretty messy on the market. They have quickly settled in many studios. No wonder because they are characterized by very precise, even and dynamic sound. It seems to me that all the strings are perfectly balanced, so getting all the nuances of the sound becomes much simpler. Once you put on Focale head, you will not want to remove them, honey for ears. Very comfortable and great sounding headphones, what do you want more? I use them myself every day and all the time I am impressed by their sound. They could spend 2 times more money and no one would be offended.

Sennheiser HD25 1-II

I find these headphones to be 2 in 1. Also visit my blog; http://stereodevelopment.com/best-bluetooth-headsets-2017/. They are both good at music production and live. The small size and mobile construction of the ear pads affect their mobility. It is remarkable that, despite the small size, they are well insulated from ambient noise. Maybe they are not the perfect mixer but they will not disappoint you during production. They are characterized by loud and powerful sound, slightly interlaced in the higher strings. On average it deserves an average reproduction of the stereo image.