GMB Post & Images Syndication Network

Preparing and managing every content that goes out on your gmb post can be a time-consuming job. With this gig, we will help you take advantage of the powerful IFTTT and also create, manage, and post high-quality and optimized content for your Google My Business page.

So much goes into getting found in local search results on the internet, and keeping up with the ever-changing search environment poses a real challenge for local businesses. 

At Citation Builder Pro, we understand and value attention to detail while moving with trends. This is why we are available to deliver the best ranking posts for your business niche with a syndication ( IFTTT ) network containing 10 web 2.0 sites.

As we keep up with the consistent publication of content, you can expect to generate hundreds of backlinks for free, all helping to boost your page in search engines and Google rankings at the most affordable rate.

Our Process

Once you place an order for this service, we will maintain your business listing with SEO-optimized content posts for an entire month, establishing your presence locally.


30 GMB Posts and 30 GMB Images with syndication ( IFTTT ) network containing 10 web 2.0 sites
Daily 30 mins for 30 days

Frequently Asked Question

Images and written content.

Yes, all our images are geo-targeted


No, it is already covered in the package.